Privacy Policy

Trakdocs is owned and operated by MSS Tech India Private Limited, 7th Floor, SEBIZ Square Building, Sector-67, IT Park Mohali, Punjab, INDIA. India. We are committed to protect the privacy of our users’ or customers’ information shared with us. The privacy policy describes Trakdocs’s all private exercises.

Usage of Collected Information

The company does not gather any personal information from visitors to We collect the information from the visitors’ who visit the Trakdocs site, individuals who register to use the Trakdocs application (“Clients”), and individuals who register and/or book with ‘Customers’ accounts (“End-users” or “Clients”). Though, the in-built functions do track the number of visitors so it collects their IP addresses just for analytics purposes. We never ask for personal information from the visitors who just visit our services. However, if the visitor wants to know solutions about their business or to get the online schedules, they need to fill the form where it’s mandatory to enter certain information that may require name, email address, phone number, website, the business name, etc. It completely depends on the visitor to enter their data to know about online services.

IP addresses

Whenever a visitor browses our online services, the in-app tools collect their IP addresses. The main purpose of collecting the IP addresses is to get a complete record of the total traffic on our website. IP (Internet Protocol) is a kind of unique identification of the online system that helps in getting Internet services through ISP (Internet Service Provider). No personal or sensitive data such as- OS (Operating System), platforms, users’ names, browsing data information, etc. can be fetched with the IP addresses. Hence, until the visitor shares their information for a purpose, they remain anonymous for us.

Account Information & Sharing of Collected Information

To get the online appointment scheduling, the users need to share their valid and vital details such as- name, email id, registered mobile number, and business sphere. To know the solutions, these kinds of information are important. We use all safety tools that ensure the safety of our users ’ shared confidential data.

A user may add some additional and confidential information such as- financial details when he/she is ready to get online solutions from our services. The financial information will be managed in the highly defended web server and will only be shared with the respective payment gateways for the transaction purpose. This extremely sensitive and personal information will not be misused, leaked, or tampered for any personal interest or any other purpose.

Under any circumstances, Trakdocs will not share your personal data or financial information of its users with anybody. The privacy of our users’ business is our most important to us. However, we are subject to share any kind of information shared by you related to your business or financial aspects, etc if they are required by any law firm or government for law practices, legal procedures, or any inquiry.


Trakdocs uses ‘cookies’ to make the interaction easy and significant with the company’s web pages. When users visit any website or web page of the website, The server of Trakdocs sends a cookie to the user’s browsing machine. Cookies never personally identify the visitors. They just recognize the web browser. Unless a visitor wishes to recognize himself/herself to Trakdocs. An individual has the choice to disable cookies while browsing the services which can hit the web page session time.


With the best security practices that include simple and effective tools, we protect the information shared by the users. The security measures are also used to stop the entry of authorized access. We also use other advanced technology capacities to stop tampering or entree from outside invaders. Trakdocs magnified high-level security features within the offered services that allow the customers to configure security settings to the level they find essential, like- IP-restrictions and forced password modifications. An individual is liable to maintain the security and confidentiality of their Trakdocs usernames & generated passwords, etc. The confidential data can be accessed by some limited people just to do official work such as generating invoices and other payments or transaction practices.

Maintaining Personal Information

The mentioned data in the profile can be updated/altered/deleted by an authorized client. In case you find any problem in maintaining or accessing the information of data entered in the profile, you can contact our Trakdocs team directly.

Privacy Policy Changes

We reserve the right to change the Privacy Policy. Trackdocs will provide a new or modified privacy policy on our company’s official website/account at least 30 days prior to the implementation of changes.

Our Customer Base

Currently, our delivery management software is helping hundreds of businesses around the globe.