Online Medical Appointment Scheduling Software for Pharmacists

Online scheduling is spontaneous that empowers new & current patients to schedule appointments with pharmacists without interrupting your business productivity. Get more patients with the online appointment booking software and keep your pharmacy organized.

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Benefits of Online Pharmacists Appointment Scheduling Software


The outstanding and ease to use tools of our appointment scheduling software is benefiting the pharmacists to manage the whole inventory, scheduling the appointments 24/7, and automating other workings efficiently. The flexible system has made the scheduling hassle-free by eliminating the usage of paper and pen, etc.

Features of Online Booking Software for Pharmacists


The patient-centric features of pharmacy appointment booking software like video conferencing, alerting them with online notification, easy communication options, in-app payment options, etc has made it the most convenient way to reach to the patients to give the prescription of the medicines. Boost your business revenue with our user-friendly scheduling option.

Get Appointments Hassle-free for Yourself & Your Customers

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Patient App Panel

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    Online Registration

    The foremost step that requires details of online patients like- a mobile phone or email id.

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    Schedule Online Appointment with Pharmacists

    Enables you to book an appointment within no time

  • customer-app-description

    Select the Services

    Enables you to select the category from the mentioned online list

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    To Add Patient’s Details

    Cover the patients’ vital details like- age, height, weight, details about illness, etc

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    Live Chat Options

    The patient can consult the professionals with live chat or online video conferencing options

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    Online Payments

    In-app payment options enable you to pay through multiple online payments like- credit/debit and mobile gateways, etc.


App Panel for Pharmacists

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    Appointment Request

    Allows them to check the total request/s on the daily, weekly or monthly basis

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    Accept/Discard the scheduling Request

    Enables to accept or reject the booking request with a single swipe

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    View Patients Data

    Can review the patients’ data before giving expert advice

  • driver-app-side-image

    Edit Their Online Schedules

    As per the convenience, enables you to edit the mentioned appointment schedules

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    Set Options for Availability

    Enables you to select the options of available or unavailable options

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    Live Video Chat Options

    Allows you to use the in-app chat or video conferencing option to consult your patients.


What Do Our Customers Say?

What I like about this software is its features and the team is too experienced and guided you well.



Very good appointment scheduling software!! Really impressed with the unique video feature, simplicity and ease of using it. Thank you so much Trakdocs.

Dr.Hamid Ali


Excellent. I love the system, it’s convenient and a great tool for my clients to use.

Dr. Naresh Kapoor

United Kingdom

Very good appointment scheduling software!! Really impressed with the unique video feature, simplicity and ease of using it. Thank you so much Trakdocs.

Dr.Hamid Ali


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