Online Doctor Appointment Scheduling App for Physiotherapist

Smooth and secure your scheduling of appointments with our physiotherapist appointment scheduling software. Boost your business revenue with online physiotherapist service.

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Benefits of Physiotherapist Appointment Scheduling Software


Our robust appointment scheduling software not just eases the online physiotherapy consultations but also benefits you to view the complete physiotherapist business including, avoid the booking of appointments twice, reduce the manual errors, complete analysis of business, schedule and cancel the schedulings 24/7, online transactions, and consult the patients through online means without any delay.

Features of Online Appointment Booking Software System for Physiotherapist


The features of our video conferencing for online physiotherapy consultations make it an awesome software. Our experts have deployed other features such as- in-app chat facility, live communication option, alert messages, complete analytics that help the physiotherapists to boost the productivity of their business.

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Patient App Panel

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    Easy Registration

    To get authentication, the user needs to enter the valid mobile phone details or email id.

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    To Add General Details

    May ask the patients to add details such as- height, age weight, body part having pain, etc

  • customer-app-description

    Schedule Appointment

    Enables the patients to book an appointment for online physiotherapist consultations

  • customer-app-description

    Choose the Services

    Enables them to choose the category/subcategory of online physiotherapy services

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    Live Communication Options

    May include a live chat or live video conferencing option


Physiotherapist App Panel

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    Appointment Request

    Review the total requests in a day, week or month.

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    Accept/Reject the Appointment Request

    Enables to accept or discard the booking plea

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    View Details of Patients

    Enables you to go through the details of your patients before giving advice

  • driver-app-side-image

    Change Schedules

    As per the convenience, physio specialists can edit the mentioned schedules

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    Choose Options for Availability

    You can select the available or unavailable status with this feature

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    Live Video Chat Options

    You can give consultation services with online chat or video conferencing option


What Do Our Customers Say?

What I like about this software is its features and the team is too experienced and guided you well.



Very good appointment scheduling software!! Really impressed with the unique video feature, simplicity and ease of using it. Thank you so much Trakdocs.

Dr.Hamid Ali


Excellent. I love the system, it’s convenient and a great tool for my clients to use.

Dr. Naresh Kapoor

United Kingdom

Very good appointment scheduling software!! Really impressed with the unique video feature, simplicity and ease of using it. Thank you so much Trakdocs.

Dr.Hamid Ali


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